kleanSTONE Testimonials

We like to keep you updated with feedback and photos we receive from clients, so take a look below and be inspired by satisfied homeowners.
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Hi Jim,

I used the floor cleaner for the first time and it was fantastic, my floor looks brand new again. It did take a bit of work to get it really clean, then again my back garden is like a building site at the moment and with two large dogs running in and out in all sorts of weather it was a nightmare to clean. Now that the floor is clean I just keep the floor cleaner topped up ready to go, plug it in and hoover up the mess

Kind Regards
John (May 2017)


Morning Jim,

Just to let you know we are very, very happy with the floor cleaner/polisher. It has made life so much easier!!

Jenny Stanberry (April 2017)


Jim, I had a play with the Kara, and three days later had a brand new looking floor, fossils revealed and a very happy wife! Absolutely brilliant result – thank you. Photos as evidence.

William de Groot (Jan 2016)

William de Groot - Kleanstone Jan 16 #1   William de Groot - Kleanstone Jan 16 #2


Kleanstone are liking this message from another happy mother…

Although only part of the floor’s been cleaned, you can see the results already! Sent the photos to my daughter, whose comment was “WOW – you haven’t spent a thousand pounds, just saved five thousand on a new floor!” I love the logic… just shows she HAS been listening to me for years!

Chris Devaney (Jan 2016)

Kleanstone brings happy results! Image from Chris Devaney, showing the dramatics of what a Kleanstone machine brings

Above image shows the partly cleaned floor, and how even with a riven finish and deep grout lines, Kleanstone machines get your floor looking like new – call us today 01482 620400.


Caroline Turner

I am so pleased with the Mediterranean machine you sent me last week, it’s staying put here!

The floor is transformed, it took literally all day going over and over it, about six cleans, it was very muddy, the water that first came up after treating it with the Deepclean 3000 was literally sludge, how embarrassing, but it’s back to its original colour and is much cleaner than when scrubbed by hand.

I am very impressed with the machine and it takes a lot to impress me!

Caroline Turner (September 2015)


Jim…  Love the machine – it’s taking some time but the floor is coming back to life!

Chris McLaren (June 2015)


We were asked to carry out a deep clean on marble flooring at a very high profile project; the John Frieda Salon in Mayfair, London.

As the flooring had experienced 8 years of heavy foot traffic, quotations for other contractors to complete the clean were coming through at high costings. I then came across the Atlantic floor cleaning machine on a google search and after a brief conversation with the suppliers Kleanstone decided to invest and purchase it.

This machine did the job very efficiently and removed 100% of the dirt and grease plus we now have the equipment to use on other projects.

Peter Darrant (May 2015)

John Frieda Salon - Mayfair London


Words cannot describe…
Below images show the results from a Kara machine on our floor! Anyone that’s not sure about these products can call me direct; I am truly amazed!

J. Parker (Feb 2015)

Kleanstone : RESULTS!


I just wanted to thank you for your helpful advise. I am delighted with my floor cleaner. I was drawn by the feedback on your website as had been looking for some while to find a way of cleaning the irregular surface of our floor.

We had a Indian sandstone floor laid which looks lovely but was becoming increasingly an irritation as the only way to clean it was with a scrubbing brush and bucket as all other methods seem to result in dirt in the crevasses and grouting. It was so time consuming with a young family so that the cleaning was becoming increasingly further and further apart ! I can now clean the floor quickly and with good results. There are only a few areas where the grouting is too deep but as the dirty water is sucked into the waste water collect and clean water put down I only really need to wipe those small areas to soak up the waste water.

It was very easy to find out all I needed before the purchase without any pressure to buy. If all businesses were run in this way life would be a breeze !



We are very pleased to have some cleaner natural stone floors. I understand that a machine to do the job would need to be strong, but we do find its maneuverability a little tiresome. Clean floors are more important!

Best regards, Lucy


I recently purchased a Kara machine from you guys and I have to say I am over the moon with it.  It makes a very pleasant change when something or someone actually does what it says it’s going to do.  I suppose living with five dogs is bound to result in a very dirty floor but no problem for the Kara she’s my new best friend.

Top marks too for you guys, no heavy sales pitch just good solid advice.


Just thought I would drop you a note to say how pleased I am with the machine, as you know I was a bit concerned about spending that amount of money but couldn’t find anything other than getting down on hands and knees that would clean the floor tiles that we have.


Kleanstone Testimonials ImageFloor cleaner arrived this morning… just one word really, Jim – Wow!!

We knew the floor was dirty but goodness me … it’s quite embarrassing really.
Anyway I’ve sent you a photo … Making the dogs slippers next!!

Surprisingly we would like to keep the cleaner!


So glad that I got it, it is now a quick and effortless job to have all the hard floors clean and shining, and of course I have the added bonus that I can clean my carpets with the same machine!
I previously had a separate carpet cleaner that had broken just before I bought the Caspian but this does a much better job, with two dogs and a cat in my family it has its work cut out but I am really pleased.


As I have said to you before it was so nice to deal with your company as there was no hard sell, which I find makes such a difference and with the small hitch that I had the follow up service was just as impressive.


Just a note to let you know that the machine worked unspeakably well!!  Thanks to you and Jeremiah for answering all of my very many questions.

The time that you spent assuring me that the product was the answer to my dirty travertine head-ache and, the speedy delivery of the product, all added up to make me feel very comfortable with the decision to purchase an expensive piece of equipment.  The kitchen took two deep cleans to make a visible difference – but I do think I was being a little over cautious initially.  I have only managed one clean of the garden room (which isn’t nearly as soiled) – however the kitchen floor is now so clean that it makes the garden room look a little in need!  

What a pleasure!! Should you ever need it – I would be delighted to speak to future customers who might need some reassurance.  I will be reviewing all your products and making further purchases this week!!

Many thanks once again


I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for the prompt and efficient delivery of our Mediterranean machine and to say the machine is proving to be well worth the investment. It works smoothly and efficiently as your thorough instructions said it would and we are more than pleased with it and the superb results it produces in cleaning our stone floor.


We would not hesitate to recommend both the machine and your company to anyone looking to make life easier in terms of cleaning their stone floor.


Just thought I would let you know how delighted we are with the Caspian scrubber-drier. I hope you recall, we ordered some limestone flooring with the intention of covering our old terracotta floor in the kitchen which was years old and in a terrible state.


We bought the Caspian to maintain the new floor when it was laid. However, when we got home we thought we would just try out on the old terracotta floor to see how it worked. To our amazement our terracotta tiles came up like brand new.


We felt a bit guilty cancelling our order of limestone tiles, but it would have been madness to go ahead and cover our beautiful terracotta floor, not only that – we saved £5,000.00!!