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About KleanSTONE

KleanSTONE are the UK's leading experts in providing high-quality stone floor cleaning machines for your home and business. Learn more about us...

Your flooring is special. Keep it that way

A natural, high-quality stone floor is an investment for your home or business and like any investment, it requires the proper care. Keeping your natural stone floor beautifully clean need not be a worry.

Your flooring is special. We intend you to enjoy the benefits of a lastingly beautifully clean floor, without any effort, protecting it and ensuring it lasts a lifetime. As the leading experts in stone floor care, we want you to have confidence that our solution to achieving effortlessly clean floors is suitable for your needs.

Use our ‘Find Your Floor’ tool to discover the perfect way to keep your floors looking like new. Remember, we’re adding more surfaces to this list all the time so if you don’t see your floor, get in touch and ask a member of the team!

Kleanstone offers superior cleaning for all
floor types without the need for labour intensive scrubbing.

Our Klean Guarantee

See the difference KleanStone can make for yourself with no commitment – if you’re not completely happy with your machine within 30 days of purchase, we’ll offer you a full, no-quibble refund. All KleanStone machines come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty (excludes normal wear and tear to fans, squeegees and brushes)


KleanStone makes it simple to keep your floors free of dirt and debris, eliminating harmful bacteria and allergens from your surroundings.

Enhance your home

Extend the lifespan of your flooring with gentle, effective cleaning and apply protective coatings to enhance and protect its natural beauty.

Multi Floor use

Suitable for use on natural stone, ceramic, terracotta, linoleum solid wood and even carpeted floors, our floor cleaners are compact and versatile enough to be used almost anywhere.

Time saving

Scrub, wash and dry your floor in just one pass for effortlessly hygienic and beautiful floors every time.

What customers say

Many thanks for sending the new brushes it has made the world of difference!!

We are both very impressed with the results from the Kara machine and have our lovely tile floor back !

I am serving humble pie for tea !!!!!

Many thanks for all your help

What customers say

We have used the machine and it’s done a great job.  The deep clean lift lots of grubbyness from the floor regaining the colour and lifting the rooms atmosphere due to the reflected light from the floor.  All good except I’m expected to use it weekly! Can’t see that happening!

Max. - KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

Just to say I cleaned all the floors when we got home – taken me about 2 hours but the machine is excellent.  Did everything as you said and the floor has come up a treat. So easy and it really has done a good job.

David T. - KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

I recently ordered a replacement drive belt for one of your machines.  The whole buying experience and customer service was the best, your guys friendly and very helpful.  Thank you again to all the staff especially Jim

Tony B. - Kleanstone Commercial Customer

What customers say

Our floor was tired and we thought we needed a new one. That said, once we got to work with our KleanSTONE machine we felt guilty for cancelling our order of limestone tiles, but it would have been madness to go ahead and cover our beautiful terracotta floor, not only that – we saved £5,000.00, simply by cleaning it with one of your machines!

Shannon D. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

Thanks for the prompt and efficient delivery of our Kara and to say the machine is proving to be well worth the investment. It works smoothly and efficiently as your thorough instructions said it would and we are more than pleased with it and the superb results it produces in cleaning our stone floor.

Evie S. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

As I have said to you before it was so nice to deal with your company as there was no hard sell, which I find makes such a difference and with the small hitch that I had the follow up service was just as impressive.

Georgia H. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

I am so glad that I got my KleanSTONE machine. It is now a quick and effortless job to have all the hard floors clean and shining, and, of course, I have the added bonus that I can clean my carpets with the same machine.

Sophie H. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

I can’t belive how impressed I am with the machine. I was a little concerned with the money – but it was so worth it in the end and now I have the floor cleaning machine that will last me a lifetime.

Jo B. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

I recently purchased a Kara machine from you guys and I have to say I am over the moon with it.  It makes a very pleasant change when something or someone actually does what it says it’s going to do.  I suppose living with five dogs is bound to result in a very dirty floor but no problem for the Kara she’s my new best friend.

Top marks too for you guys, no heavy sales pitch just good solid advice.

Suzanne M. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

There are no words to describe the difference. The floor was literally black and now it’s back to its original colour.

James P. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

We love the machine – it’s taking some time but the floor is coming back to life!

Chris M. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

We decided to go for the Atlantic KleanSTONE machine. Our floor is transformed, it took a few goes as the floor has been down for over 10 years and has never been properly cleaned but it is now back to its original colour and looks incredible.

Caroline T. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

We’ve only worked on part of our floor but we are already astounded by the results. We have literally saved a floor worth thousands of pounds.

Chris D – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

Our stone floor was an investment and, after using the Kara machine, our floor is looking like new again – the fossils in the stone are coming through and it’s produced an absolutely amazing result!

William G. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

We couldn’t be happier with our KleanSTONE machine – it’s literally transformed our life.

Jenny S. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

What customers say

I used my KleanSTONE machine for the first time and it was absolutely fantastic. My floor looks like new again. I never before realised what a mess my floor was in and now I just can’t believe the difference!

John B. – KleanSTONE Domestic Customer

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