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Best Hard Floor Cleaners – Which 2024 Winners

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Best Floor Scrubbers: Discover the Top 4

A Streamlined Selection Process

Purchasing a floor cleaning machine can be a daunting task with endless research, specifications, and brands to consider. The abundance of technical jargon can often add to the confusion. When faced with numerous floor cleaning options, each boasting unique benefits, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You might find yourself wondering, “Where do I begin?”

Whether you’ve already explored the market and landed on our website, or if you’ve come straight to us, we welcome you. We invite you to continue your research to find the best floor scrubber. Alternatively, allow us to simplify your search with an overview of our four expertly selected natural stone floor cleaning machines for the home.

Our Top Four Hard Floor Cleaner Machines:

  • The Kara – The Original Stone Floor Cleaner Machine
  • The KaraGO – Our Powerful Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner
  • The Caspian – The Ultimate Scrubber Dryer Machine
  • The Atlantic – Our Compact Commercial Floor Cleaner

Naturally Inspired Confidence

At Kleanstone, our goal is to provide the ideal solution for your floor cleaning needs. We’ve meticulously researched and curated a selection of floor cleaning machines that excel in various environments. The following features illustrate why we confidently offer not just any floor cleaner, but the best floor scrubber machines available.

Crafted in Italy

Quality is paramount in every Kleanstone machine. Our products are not mass-produced on an assembly line; instead, each machine is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy.

Natural Stone Floor Scrubbers

This dedication to craftsmanship ensures the highest standards and exceptional attention to detail, setting us apart in the industry.

Superior Floor Cleaning with Ultimate Floor Scrubbers

Many floor scrubbers use rollers for cleaning, which work adequately on some surfaces. However, rollers clean only at one level, missing the natural indentations and texture variations in stone floors. Rollers also fail to clean grout effectively, as grout lines are typically lower than the tiles.


Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Twin Heavy Duty Scrubbing Brushes Instead Of Rollers

Kleanstone machines feature two rotating scrubbing brushes, designed to reach every nook and cranny of your stone floor. These brushes provide the same thorough cleaning you would achieve by scrubbing on your hands and knees but with significantly less effort. This feature ensures your floors are impeccably clean, effortlessly. Now that is great – sunshine with a smile!

Superior floor cleaning

Powerful Suction

After scrubbing your floor to perfection, the next step is to remove the suds and dirty water. Kleanstone machines switch to suction mode to effectively suck up all the water, preventing dirt from being spread around. The powerful suction feature ensures all dirt is collected in the wastewater tank, which you can easily empty to dispose of the dirt completely.

Twin Tank Technology for Superior Cleaning

The power of suction is just the beginning. Many floor cleaning machines reuse water within a single tank system, which means clean water goes down and is then sucked back up into the same tank, only to be reused. Kleanstone machines, however, incorporate twin tank technology.

Each Kleanstone machine has two separate tanks: one for clean water and one for dirty water. This design ensures that only fresh water touches your floor, providing a consistently clean result every time.

Superior floor cleaning

Cleaning Stone Floors

Whether you need a small floor scrubbing machine or a large commercial hard floor cleaner, Kleanstone offers solutions for every need. Our range includes machines for cleaning slate, limestone, and even guidance on restoring limestone floor tiles or cleaning a slate hearth. Our stone floor cleaners are complemented by a selection of natural stone floor cleaning products, including stone floor sealers, slate cleaners and sealers, and the best limestone cleaners.

Expert Aftercare Service

Every Kleanstone machine comes with exceptional aftercare service. Although our machines are made in Italy, our warehouse, sales, and aftercare team are based in sunny Yorkshire, ready to assist you. If you encounter any issues with your machine or need advice, our friendly team is dedicated to finding a solution.

Our customer service is renowned for its excellence, maintaining customer confidence daily. Don’t just take our word for it – encounter ‘The Kleanstone Experience’ yourself by contacting us.

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