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Best Hard Floor Cleaning Machines –
A Comparison Of Top Scrubber Dryers UK

Hard Floor Cleaner Machines:

An In-Depth Review Of 8 Hard Floor Scrubbers

Best Hard Floor Cleaners

As a leading and respected supplier of robust floor cleaning machines, Kleanstone are sometimes asked how their machine range compares with other floor scrubbers on the market.

To answer this question in depth, here we review the best hard floor scrubbers for sale in the UK, including well-known brands such as Numatic, Nilfisk, Imop Lite, Lindhaus and Karcher Floor Cleaners.

First we highlight 10 key comparison points that you would want to consider in relation to any hard floor cleaning machine you may be considering purchasing, and then we compare 8 of the best floor scrubbers across over 20 specification details per machine, in a handy comparison table format.

There are 2 distinct comparison tables within this review – the first compares 4 traditional mains-powered floor scrubbers, and then the next chart compares 4 battery-powered floor scrubbers which are becoming increasingly popular.

Our Policy Of Reviews

As a policy, our product reviews are on an unbiased and fair basis. In this review, we weren’t able to test all the scrubber dryer machines that are listed so, with this in mind, we cannot fairly compare the abilities of a tested machine with another not tried. Therefore, any machines tested have been solely for the purpose of understanding the workings of a scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine and their general abilities.

Our goal in this review is to give you an insight and some understanding of what otherwise may not be apparent when looking to invest in a floor cleaner machine. To keep this review balanced and unbiased we enlisted the services of a 3rd-party independent market researcher.

10 Key Floor Cleaner Features To Consider

A rotary floor scrubber has many features and benefits, however, we have shortlisted ten features and areas that we felt are the most important to any user of these machines. The features mentioned below, are accompanied further on by two comparison tables that we have created to help you quickly visualise what is offered on the current market.

Motor Size

As with most things these days, including automation, green is key. However, at the same time as being eco-friendly, you need to find a balance to ensure the machine you choose has enough ‘grunt’ to work effectively!

These days, good quality machines should be built to qualify for Eco-friendly credentials, so this is something to consider.

As an example, most vacuum machines are equipped with motors that use anything from 500 to 3000 watts of electricity, with the typical unit using around 1,400 watts. Keep this in mind when choosing your machine and at the same time, you will be respecting the environment.

Brush Type & Brush Direction

Brush Type The floor scrubber brush will either be a roller/cylinder, or a rotary brush. This was a real eye-opener for us and one that spoke volumes when the two types were demoed.

The Roller or Cylinder brush works by rotating forwards to clean the floor. Whilst ok in its place, if the floor you are cleaning is uneven (as found in natural stone) or you are cleaning tiles with their indented grout lines, then the roller brushes tend to skip over these delves and divots as they don’t have the ability to agitate dirt below the main floor level.

The rotary brush however gives you a far more overall superior clean. Unfortunately, these tend to be found only on the higher-end floor cleaners, but the difference is noticeable. Not only do they give you a superior clean, but they also do it far quicker.

The rotating brush contacts all areas of the floor regardless of its level due to the circular direction of the brushes rather than the cylinder brush that spins forward as it cleans skimming the main floor level only.

Rotary Brush

Brush Direction We’ve already covered the forward direction of a roller or cylinder brush. The cylinder brush can work in two ways with the second option here found to yield a superior clean.

Option 1. The rotary brush(s) rotate clockwise.

Option 2. The rotary brushes rotate counter-clockwise simultaneously. This feature sees the dirt path swept into the middle of the machine instead of splashing out externally which subsequently creates the same area and more liquid to be gone over again and again.


Does the floor cleaning machine have a built-in vacuum?

For a professional domestic floor scrubber you really want to be able to clean and dry in one go. To enable drying, the machine must incorporate a vacuum to carry this out. If not, you will need two machines which is not only costly but time-consuming as you will end up in effect doing the job twice!

Splash Guards

Although any well-designed floor cleaner should limit splashback, as you clean the edges of any room areas like skirting boards, you will inevitably get water residue splashes on them.

Splash guards on your scrubber dryer show the machine has had sound practical forethought in its design and a feature that you will thank when it comes to the end of cleaning your floor. If you then have to go around cleaning down all the skirting boards after finishing the floor, it brings back the manual time-wasting elements that we are trying to overcome by going automated in the first place.

Tank System

Although this area is developing, it’s important to note that some machines have one water tank to ‘clean’ your floor with the water going around in a cycle of going down onto the floor, getting sucked back up and down again. This system is similar to the traditional single mop and bucket, where you are in effect cleaning your floors with very quickly turning soiled water.

Twin tank systems are just that, they have a ‘fresh’ water tank and a ‘residue’ tank. This works by clean water being dispensed and the vacuum depositing the soiled water into the residue tank meaning only clean water is hitting the floor. The residue tank is then emptied once full. Note the colour of the water even if you thought your floor was clean!

Scrubber Dryer Tank System

Performance Area

How many square feet (or metres) should the machine clean per hour?

Floor size is something you may want to consider and floor type may well be a factor in the performance area. The manufacturer’s guides to the maximum performance area and practical help give you something to consider though.

Noise & Vibration

Possibly not something you may think of, but some machines can be noisy! It’s worth noting that a noisy machine will tend to have greater vibration meaning it is not as comfortable to handle.

Although these may seem more aesthetic aspects to consider for some, we think it is also something worth considering if you have pets or very young children in the household.


The weight of the machine is worth noting. Although lightweight may be seen as the best and the most important, floor scrubber dryer machines require the very element of weight to be effective! If you picture yourself scrubbing a floor, it needs elbow grease – if the machine is too light it won’t have the desired cleaning effect as it cannot exert the needed pressure.

The best way to look at this is a specification the manufacturer calls ‘weight on brushes.’ This figure is really the key to a good machine and a good baseline figure not being below 8kg.


We seem to spend a lot of money these days on things like tools and appliances that only have a 12-month or even 6-month guarantee or in some cases none at all!

It’s worth noting the warranty of a product as this tells you a lot about the manufacturer’s confidence in their products.

Quality Floor Machines

Floor Types

A key question is what type(s) of floor do you have?

Most of these machines are classed as hard floor cleaners, but some are tailored and built for specific floor types. Kits and accessories (conversion packs) can usually be found to give you options for cleaning different floors, but it is still worth gaining some understanding of how your machine has been built and for what purpose.

We appreciate that these machines require some initial outlay so another important question to ask yourself is are you wanting to clean floors internally, externally, or both?

Consumers with patios, spas, or swimming pools may well be best placed to consider a machine that has been manufactured to cope with external floors, not just as a bonus but as a very practical and versatile investment overall.

Conversion Packs

These accessories are sometimes included with the machine or can be purchased separately.

It’s worth noting that though most floor scrubbers are classed as ‘general’ hard surface cleaners, some have been designed for a specific floor type. This is usually apparent in the different types of conversion packs available rather than a universal machine that cleans all hard surfaces regardless of type.

The manufacturers website should help you to gain understanding of a specific machines design and build, if this is given. Mass-produced machines will not tend to have this finer detail as they have not been designed for any particular floor type.

Although these machines may be a ‘good all-rounder’, they may lack the finesse of cleaning particularly delicate or intricate floors.

Mains-Powered Floor Scrubber Machines Comparison

These mains-powered scrubber dryer machines are as follows (Pictured L-R)

The Lindhaus LW30 Pro Floor Cleaner
The Lindhaus LW30pro is a versatile machine for cleaning hard floor surfaces.

The Kara Professional Stone Floor Cleaning Machine
The Kara is classed as easy to use, lightweight, and compact scrubber dryer that is an ideal solution to clean any type of flooring quickly and effectively.

The Karcher BR30/4C Scrubber Dryer
The Karcher Floor Scrubber is classed as an easy-to-use upright vacuum cleaner.

The Nilfisk SC100 Compact Upright Scrubber Dryer
The Nilfisk Scrubber Dryer SC100 is a small upright electric scrubber dryer very similar looking to some classic upright vacuums.

Scrubber Dryer Floor Machine Comparison

Mains-Powered Hard Floor Cleaning Machines – Comparison Table:

Mains-Powered Or Battery-Powered?

This is really down to the individual. However, if you have the capital to invest and you have the option, we would definitely recommend going for a battery-powered machine.

As with all power tools, gardening equipment, or machines, the power cord on a mains-supply product we are able to work with and around, however, if we’re honest, power leads tend to hamper movement or just simply get in the way.

The innovation and advances of batteries and battery-powered products today negate any teething problems that these products once had and the noise level of one of the machines we tested, we weren’t aware it had been switched on!

Battery-Powered Floor Scrubber Machines Comparison

These battery-powered scrubber dryer machines are as follows (Pictured L-R)

The Imop Lite Scrubber Dryer
The Imop Lite is described as a highly manoeuvrable and portable floor machine.

The KaraGo Professional Stone Floor Cleaning Machine
The KaraGo is described as light and easy to carry, ideal for middle to average-sized rooms or for domestic use. It grants the highest cleaning power in its category and dries the floor immediately.

The Karcher BR30/4C BP Pack Scrubber Dryer
The Karcher Floor Cleaner is described as a very mobile, cordless machine that is ideal for cleaning floors in small shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. This Karcher scrubber dryer is the battery version of the mains-powered one.

The Numatic 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer
The Numatic Scrubber Dryer 244NX is a 2-handled modern-looking hard surface cleaning machine.

Floor Cleaning Machine Comparison

Battery-Powered Hard Floor Cleaning Machines – Comparison Table:

Why Invest In An Electric Floor Scrubber?

The timeless duo of mop and bucket has its place in the hubbub of daily life, for example a quick spill behind the bar.

However, on a domestic level, our ever-escalating busy lifestyles and perhaps with more than one property to maintain, the ever-evading commodity of time is not helped by the lengthy mopping and drying process of this once staple cleaning product.

Like most things these days, automation is fast becoming a preferred choice of people and the humble mop and bucket is no longer sufficient for a certain scale of demand.

Mop and Bucket - Stone Floor Cleaning - Hard Floor Cleaning - KleanSTONE Floor Cleaning Machine


We hope this article has benefited you in giving you a better knowledge of the scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine.

If you have already begun your research, you may have gleaned that there are many other machines out there including domestic floor scrubbers at around the £200 mark.

It is very important to note that these are a totally different category of machine, suited more akin to a domestic hoover for example, and not what is classed as a professional floor cleaner.

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