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Best Machines For Cleaning Mediterranean Stone Floors

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The Mediterranean Look

Natural Stone in the Mediterranean

Relaxation, white sand, crystal blue sea and sky, do we have your attention? Another thing we love about the Mediterranean, are those classic, beautiful stone floors that can be found in homes and many other populated native areas.

Let’s face it, stone flooring is a timeless fashion. It’s natural, beautiful and versatile structure, makes it a welcome addition to any home. Stone flooring’s famed naturally cool composition is what makes it the ideal choice for warmer climates, and more and more of us are experiencing these warmer climates in countries like the UK.

Cleaning Stone Floors

If you have been so inspired by the Mediterranean experience that you’ve invested in Mediterranean stone flooring, then you’ve no doubt discovered that cleaning this style of floor is not as easy as it looks.

Three Stone floor cleaners at Kleanstone are proven to deliver and maintain the crystal clean. You can also relax, as only minimal effort is required during the cleaning process as our Mediterranean machines do all the hard work, you just have to guide them!

Natural Beauty

Floor Cleaner Machine

Natural beauty is mostly best left as nature intended it to be. However, when we want to create and or mimic the look, this requires specialist work and care to ensure you have the desired and ultimate result, and it doesn’t end there – you must maintain the beauty. To keep your floor in tip top shape will mean the investment of a floor cleaner machine suitable for cleaning stone floors and a supply of natural stone floor cleaning products.

With so many different varieties of stone flooring, it is important that you are armed with the right knowledge to ensure you are picking the best fit for your home. Certain types of stone flooring require more maintenance than others, so make sure to factor this into your time and budget when making your decision.

hard floor cleaner machine

Whichever style of stone floor you pick, you are sure to bring style, sophistication and class to your home and, with such an investment, you need to ensure the best care to keep your new stone floor looking stunning. Remember, to maintain that look, make sure to invest in your very own floor scrubber machine. Whether it be a floor scrubber or other type of hard floor cleaning machine, when it comes to cleaning stone floors or just cleaning stone, Kleanstone are the experts in both commercial floor cleaners and floor cleaner machines for home.

Why A KleanSTONE Machine?

The Kara, the KaraGO and the Atlantic are all hand-made Mediterranean floor cleaning machines, robustly built by specialists whose origins come from stone floor masters in the heart of the Mediterranean itself – Italy. These are the ultimate in floor scrubber machines for natural stone floor cleaning and maintenance, that have been created and designed by a team that is fully acquainted with both the end-product you are caring for and the importance of how to carry that out.

Whereas a traditional mop and bucket or a cheaper roller machine may seem like a simple cleaning solution, it will simply move the dirt around your floor. Over time this will cause your floor to become dull and lifeless. Our KleanSTONE floor cleaner machines suck the dirt up into the machine and completely remove the dirt, this keeps your floor looking brand new after each clean. Watch one of our videos to see the difference KleanSTONE can make to your floor, then call one of our agents today and we will help you pick out the right machine for your floor. 

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