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How To Seal Stone Floors

Today we answer the question: How To Seal Stone Floors. But first, let’s give you a bit of background on what sealing a stone floor actually means. Stone floor sealing is an essential task to enhance your natural and engineered stone surfaces. Sealing your stone floor doesn’t have to be a laborious task and only..

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Understanding Stone Floor Porosity

So, What Is Stone Porosity? Stone porosity refers to the amount and size of the pores in the stone. Despite its hard exterior, the majority of stone has thousands of microscopic pores running throughout its composition. This is more prominent in natural stone due to how it is formed. Stone is often formed by organic..

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How to Clean Quarry Tiles

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What are quarry tiles?” or “What is a quarry tile floor?” Fear not! In this post we’re going to talk about what quarry tiles are, how you care for them and the very best tips for cleaning your quarry tile floors. What are Quarry Tiles? Quarry tiles have been..

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How to Clean Porcelain Tiles

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles: Top Tips For Perfect Porcelain Porcelain is famed for its popular variation of bone china, but as a result, can often be discounted as simply a material for delicate pottery. This could not be further from the truth as porcelain is, in fact, one of the strongest floor tiles available! Despite this,..

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How to Clean Natural Stone Floors

How to clean natural stone We get asked this question a LOT! As the experts in natural and engineered stone floor cleaning, people often turn to us to better understand how to care for their natural stone floors. So many potential buyers are turned off from purchasing a natural stone floor because they think that..

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How to Clean Your Patio

Patio Cleaning: Getting The Perfectly Clean Patio As the nights draw longer and the days start to warm up, thoughts are naturally turned to our outside spaces. Spring is the most popular time for patios and external stone floors to be laid or restored as loving homeowners plan for summer parties, BBQs and lazy evenings watching..

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How To Buff Your Floors

Remove the brushes and squeegee from your machine by simply pulling them off. Wipe the machine down using a dry cloth to remove any moisture. Click the pad holders into place. Affix the pads to the Velcro on the holders. Press the pedal at the back to activate the machine. Buff the floor until you..

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