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What is so great about a KleanSTONE Machine?

What is so great about a KleanSTONE Machine? Let’s be honest, you are probably asking yourself this very question as you browse around our website and read the reviews sent in by our customers. As with any big purchase, you have probably taken the time to look around at the different options on the market..

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How to Clean Your Patio

Patio Cleaning: Getting The Perfectly Clean Patio As the nights draw longer and the days start to warm up, thoughts are naturally turned to our outside spaces. Spring is the most popular time for patios and external stone floors to be laid or restored as loving homeowners plan for summer parties, BBQs and lazy evenings watching..

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Marvellous Marble: A Guide To Marble Flooring

What is Marble? To understand the properties of your marble flooring, you must first understand what marble is and how it came to be on your floor. For example, did you know that marble, in fact, started out as the natural stone, limestone? When limestone is exposed to heat and pressure it goes through a..

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2019 Stone Flooring Trends

2019 Stone Flooring Trends Here at KleanSTONE, we’re passionate about stone flooring and it’s a huge mission of ours to encourage other people to be as passionate about stone floors as we are. Even though some of you reading this post will have stone floors that might have even been laid generations ago, those of..

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