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How to Clean Quarry Tiles

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What are Quarry Tiles?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What are quarry tiles?” or “What is a quarry tile floor?” Fear not! In this post we’re going to talk about what quarry tiles are, how you care for them and the very best tips for cleaning your quarry tile floors.

Quarry Tile Floors - Cleaning Quarry Tiles - KleanSTONE

Quarry tiles have been used for centuries due to their strength and durability making them ideal for high traffic areas.

Typically used in kitchens & pantries, utility rooms, hallways and laundry rooms, quarry tiles are hard paving tiles made from ground minerals that have been formed and fired in a kiln – in much the same way that bricks are manufactured.

Quarry tiles are typically harder than ordinary clay bricks due to the minerals they are made from and the very high temperatures used to fire them.

Quarry tiles are used extensively for floors as they are a strong, durable, and attractive choice that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Traditional quarry tiles were unglazed and either red or grey in colour. That said, more modern versions of quarry tiles are available in a huge variety of tints and finishes and are a great choice for a whole manner of interior design styles.

How To Restore Quarry Tiles

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Cleaning Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are an ideal choice for high traffic areas thanks to their hardiness and durability. That said like any floor covering they can get dirty.

If you are looking for how to clean old tile floors or how to clean Victorian quarry tiles or how to clean red quarry tiles – look no further!


Thankfully, professional quarry tile cleaning is easy with a KleanSTONE Floor Cleaning Machine. Here is how to clean quarry tile:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum your floor to remove any debris. This will help you to avoid this debris being worked into the floor which can cause scratches.
  2. Depending on the level of cleaning required, choose a powerful floor cleaning concentrate for your floor. Pick one with degreasing properties as this will work well at cutting through general grime from the surface of the stone (try Deepclean or Detergon R3). Again, depending on the level of cleaning required, mix a solution of your desired cleaner directly within your KleanSTONE machine.
  3. Start to clean with your machine – work the machine slowly and in a forward motion, you will immediately start to see results as the rotary brushes work the cleaning solution into the floors surface to lift grease and dirt whilst eliminating odours.
  4. Change your machine to lower the squeegee before moving the machine slowly in a forward motion to vacuum up the cleaning solution from the floor. Repeat these until all the water on the floor is dry. That is quarry tile cleaning in a nutshell!

Quarry Tile Kitchen Floors - Cleaning Quarry Tiles - KleanSTONE

If you don’t have one of our cleaning machines just yet, you can follow the below instructions to clean your quarry floor tiles by hand. Be warned, it requires a lot more elbow grease!

  1. Vacuum your quarry floor until all debris has been picked up.
  2. Mop your floor thoroughly with a powerful floor cleaning solution.
  3. Rinse your mopped floor using soft water.
  4. Wipe your floor clean and dry using paper towels.
  5. Repeat as necessary until your quarry floor is shining.

Quarry tiles are a fantastic choice and compliment a huge number of homes and businesses.

Their durability and timeless style make them the ideal for high traffic areas both inside and outside. Like any floor covering, quarry tiles need to be cleaned and maintained so that they stay looking their best for years to come.

Despite being a relatively economical choice, quarry tiles, when looked after well, are the perfect addition both in the home and outside of it.

FAQ’s about Quarry Tile Floors

Cleaning quarry tiles with vinegar

You’ll find many a recipe online for this, however, for the best results, we recommend using our products such as Deepclean or Detergon R3 along with our ultimate floor cleaning machines.

How do you get stains out of quarry tiles?

In most cases, quarry floor tile is unglazed and is, therefore, open to stains if you are not careful. It’s important to take the time to clean up spills as soon as they occur so as not to give them a chance to stain the tile. For tougher stains, you want to use a strong floor deep cleaning solutions like Deepclean and finish by rinsing and drying the floor.

Can you wax quarry tiles?

Yes quarry tiles can be waxed using a stone floor wax. When you wax a quarry floor tile, it will develop the traditional satin finish that you remember when it had when the floor was first put down. The wax also helps protect the floor against stains or scratches.

Should quarry tile be sealed?

Whilst quarry tiles are made from dense clary and have a lower absorption rate than other natural stones, we would still recommend sealing them. By properly applying the sealer to your quarry tile, you are protecting it from any spillages or staining. If your quarry tile is situated in a room that receives a lot of foot traffic or is at risk of oil or grease stains, then a quality sealer is an absolute necessity.

How to seal quarry tiles

We recommend you read our following articles covering sealing quarry tiles.

How do I shine quarry tiles?

Quarry tile can be made to shine by properly cleaning the surface of the floor, applying a high-quality floor wax and buffing the floor until it develops the desired shine.


What are quarry tiles made of?

Quarry tile is manufactured from Clay using a similar method to how bricks are made.


Effortlessly Beautiful Floors with KleanSTONE

Gleaming quarry floors inspire confidence and style in any setting, whether domestic or commercial. Here at KleanSTONE, we supply advanced floor cleaning solutions to help you achieve a spotlessly clean, perfectly finished quarry tile floor without the elbow grease.

Our stone floor cleaners tackle spills, stains and everyday grime with ease for a healthier, happier home or work environment.

Our products extend the lifespan of your quarry tile flooring with powerful, effective cleaning that is gentle enough to use every day and perfect for floor tile in your home or business, inside and out.

Aside from offering a range of products for stone floor cleaning, we love to share our knowledge and experience from our years helping customers succeed at extending the lifespan of their floors and making them look like new.

Read more on the KleanSTONE Blog, explore our Help & Guides or download our range of Cleaning Guides and learn more about how to care for your natural and engineered stone floors so that they last a lifetime!

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