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Stone Floor Cleaning for Commercial Premises

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Effortlessly beautiful floors give your customers a lasting first impression.

One of the first things you notice when you enter a room is its floor. What impression is your floor making to your customers?

A dirty floor is likely to make the whole space feel unkempt, unclean and disorganised, which is unlikely to be the look you were going for. A clean stone floor will instantly lift the room and create an all-around feeling of professionalism, organisation and quality.

KleanStone gives you confidence and shows your customers you care about your business. Achieve a spotless, polished floor in just one pass with a commercial floor cleaner within our range of floor cleaning machines – save time, eliminate the hassle and, most importantly, wow your customers! See for yourself how KleanStone provides an essential service for businesses just like yours.

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Lightweight and battery operated the KaraGO! lets you achieve the perfectly finished floor in just one pass without the need to be plugged in.



Compact and lightweight, the Kara is a small machine that packs a big punch. A four-litre water tank, two scrubbing brush heads and powerful suction makes light work of any domestic floor cleaning task.



With an impressive 8-litre water tank and rotary scrubbing head, the Atlantic is our biggest floor cleaner. It’s ideally suited to larger homes where spotlessly clean floors are a must.



The various ‘bits and pieces’ that you will need to ensure your floors stay perfectly clean and you get the most from your machine.

Improving Customer Experience

There has been a lot of research around the most memorable customer experience being a multi-sensory one. Invigorate your customers’ senses by the first thing they see is a clean, sparkling floor that looks brand new, the first thing they smell is cleanliness, and the first thing they hear is happy staff excited to greet them.

The facts are overwhelming, a clean floor really will make a huge difference to your customers’ experience, opinion and memories of your business. A KleanSTONE stone floor cleaning machine is a piece of cleaning equipment that will ensure keeping your business’ floor clean is not only a quick and simple task but also an enjoyable one.

Our range of commercial stone floor cleaning machines are so effective at removing dirt compared to other floor cleaners that our customers love seeing the difference it makes to their stone floor. Floors are given a new lease of life, left looking like brand new floors and even last longer as a result.

Make your company stand out and inquire about owning your very own KleanSTONE floor cleaning machine today. Call us on +44 (0) 1482 296 477 or shop online today.

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Workplace Safety

This point might not make you money but it will certainly save you some. The HSE report that the majority of workplace slips occur when the floor is contaminated with dirt, dust or poorly cleaned-up spills, as it reduces the friction. A wet floor from poor cleaning methods will also heighten the risk of a fall. Luckily, a KleanSTONE commercial floor cleaning machine not only cleans a stone floor but suck up the water in just one pass. This not only means the dirt is removed rather than pushed around the floor but also will reduce your risk of a workplace accident from a wet floor which can only improve safety.

Elevate Your Brand

Companies can spend thousands of pounds on their marketing materials to send the message to their customers that their business is a fantastic place to visit, but what message is the floor telling them when they arrive? Your dingy, industrial floor could be telling customers that this is not the place to spend their money. Contrastingly, a bright, clean and professional-looking floor can elevate your brand to a feeling of luxury, encouraging your customers to spend a little extra. By ensuring your floors are properly cleaned using a commercial floor cleaning machine and proper cleaning equipment, you have the capacity to change the first impression each and every one of your customers has of your brand.

Keep Your Customers Around

A clean, bright and sparkling room is one that customers are more likely going to want to spend more time in, rather than an unclean one. This means more chance for browsing, upselling and building a relationship. Time is money after all and the longer you can keep your customers wanting to spend time with you, the less time they will spend with your competitor.

Improve Employee Productivity

In a recent survey, 90% of British people felt that a messy environment made them feel unproductive and unhappy. An unhappy workforce is not only unproductive but they don’t provide a happy experience for the customer either. By ensuring your floors are always kept clean by using a commercial floor cleaning machine and the proper cleaning equipment, you can be sure that your workforce won’t be discouraged by a messy environment.