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Floor cleaning machines for home

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Dirt-free floors

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Ideal for removing grime and algae from all tiled and stone surfaces

Domestic Floor Cleaning Machines

A gleaming floor can make all the difference in your home, whatever the style. There is nothing more satisfying than a friend or family member being totally in awe of your wonderfully gleaming home!

KleanStone’s stone and hard floor cleaning machines give you a spotlessly clean, perfectly polished floor without the hard work. Our domestic floor scrubber makes the ideal floor cleaning machine for home. Our small floor scrubbing machines within our range of floor cleaning machines give you confidence, make light work of any kind of dirt, and give your floors a new lease of life. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself how KleanStone gives you effortless beautiful floors and transforms your stone floors.

Take the hassle out of cleaning your hard floors with one of our floor cleaning machines. For a lightweight and compact cleaning machine that is ideal for cleaning, polishing and buffing we’d recommend the Kara Stone Floor Cleaning Machine. If you’d like to ditch the wires and go cordless, then the Kara Go is the floor cleaning machine for you! Finally, if you are blessed with multiple, large stone floors, then we’d recommend going with our heavy-duty Atlantic stone floor cleaning machine.

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Compact and lightweight, the Kara is a small machine that packs a big punch. A four-litre water tank, two scrubbing brush heads and powerful suction makes light work of any domestic floor cleaning task.



With an impressive 8-litre water tank and rotary scrubbing head, the Atlantic is our biggest floor cleaner. It’s ideally suited to larger homes where spotlessly clean floors are a must.



The various ‘bits and pieces’ that you will need to ensure your floors stay perfectly clean and you get the most from your machine.



Our range of genuine spare parts for your kleanSTONE machine gives you peace of mind that you’re caring for your investment.

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Hygenic Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners only go so far. Manual floor cleaning with a mop or brush can cause dirt to gather in grout spaces or in the surface crevices of natural flooring such as wood or stone. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria, dulls the natural beauty of your floor and over time, shortens its lifespan. A Kleanstone domestic floor scrubber provides the perfect hygienic cleaning solution combined with unrivalled floorcare.

Multi Surface

Kleanstone offers superior cleaning for all floor types, carpets, and even outdoors to clean pathways and patios without the need for labour-intensive scrubbing. Our domestic floor scrubbers clean and dry in a single pass, and can be used to apply specialist products such as stain remover, sealer, polish and wax.

Inspires Confidence

A clean floor in any home is a sure-fire way to inspire confidence. By simply ensuring that your stone floors are kept clean, you can always be sure your home will be looking it’s very best and ready for guests. The majority of people are very surprised by just how much different a room looks after cleaning and as soon as you see this difference, you will be sure to make cleaning the floor a regular activity in your household.

Easy Cleaning

At Kleanstone, we understand that you probably have much better things to be doing than cleaning your floor, especially if you are using the old-fashioned mop & bucket. That’s why we’ve designed our wide range floor cleaners to be as simple & straightforward as possible. After seeing the dirt from your floor vanish before your very eyes, you will see just how satisfying and easy it is to clean your floors on a regular basis with Kleanstone.