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Hard Floor Cleaner Machines In Surrey

Some hard floors are easier to clean than others. For those with uneven textured floors, or natural stone floors, you may despair of ever being able to get them clean, but Kleanstone has the answer.

Surrey home-owners are more likely than most to have both hard-to-clean hard floors, and a tendency for the outdoors to find its way inside. Whether it be walking in the North Downs, dogs, horses, pottering in the garden, or kids running in from outside, there’s every reason why you may need to clean your stone floors regularly!

Our manoeuvrable high-capacity floor cleaners are gentle enough for the most delicate of natural stone surfaces, and yet robust enough and clever enough to clean out deeply ingrained dirt.

These machines incorporate many time-saving features and have a wide range of accessories to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks with ease. Suitable for indoors and out, stone floors, other hard floors, and even carpets, they represent a truly versatile solution.

KleanSTONE Kara Floor Cleaning Machine - Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning - KleanSTONE

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A floor cleaning machine for inside… and outside…

Kleanstone hard floor cleaning machines and scrubber dryers are unique in that they are designed to clean internal and external floors.

Normally overcome by the outlay of two separate machines, The Kara has the adaptability to be used inside and out with no compromise on its professional floor cleaning capabilities across any floor.

If you’re wanting efficiency in your busy schedule, then investing in a Kleanstone hard floor cleaning machine will enable you to wash, clean, and dry in just one pass – indoors and out!

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Perfectly at home, inside and out.

From kitchen floors to the patio or swimming pool areas indoors or out. Designed and renowned as a professional stone floor cleaning machine, The Kara excels in its hard floor cleaning capabilities and, with its superior versatility over other machines in its category, leaves you with outstanding end results.

Focus on what you enjoy

Take the headache and/or the irksome element out of floor cleaning today by investing in your very own professional domestic floor cleaner, not just any, but a modern, well-designed, and extremely versatile scrubber dryer that is as at home, inside or out, as you are.

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The Ultimate Clean for Your Floor

Kleanstone makes it simple to keep any hard floor looking its best. Browse our wide range of hard floor cleaning machines.

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