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Polishing Stone Floors

When it comes to polishing stone, it may seem like a daunting task to achieve that mirror-like shine.

However, with a Kleanstone stone tile floor polishing machine, the buffing process is actually so simple we hardly need to show you how!

With one of our floor polishing machines coupled with our own range of cleaning consumables, it really has never been easier.

With your Kleanstone floor cleaning machine:

    1. Remove the brushes and squeegee from your machine by simply pulling them off.
    2. Wipe the machine down using a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
    3. Click the pad holders into place.
    4. Affix the pads to the Velcro on the holders.
    5. Press the pedal at the back to activate the machine.
    6. Buff the floor until you have reached the shine you require.

Versatility Redefined – 

With a Kleanstone Floor Polishing Machine

With our ultimate floor cleaners being so adaptable across a widespread area of cleaning tasks, you’ll wonder how you got by without one.

Each of our floor scrubber machines has a range of accessories available, meaning that you can overcome a diverse range of tasks with just ONE machine.

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