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Taking the time to make your stone floors and tile floors shine!

by | Mar 31, 2020 | 0 comments

Cleanliness is now big focus for us all especially as we’re confined to our homes due to our current circumstances, so many of us will be looking at our stone floors or tile floors and thinking ‘crikey, they could do with a clean!’

No-one particularly likes cleaning floors and certainly stone floors and tile floors can take longer than most to clean, but with the range of machines from Kleanstone, they can be returned to their original shine in no time at all and with very little effort!

Some interesting facts about our machines:

They are handmade in Italy, and as with all Italian products, each machine is made with great love and attention. Don’t we all prefer choosing handmade products when we can?

Our machines use rotating scrubbing brushes, instead of the rollers used by other machines, so they really get into all the grooves of your stone and tiles, including into the grouting, instead of just skimming over the top of them. This is deep floor cleaning at its best and easiest.

Kleanstone machines not only clean the floor, but are equipped with a powerful suction mode, so all the dirty water can be sucked up and disposed of elsewhere.  Emptying the wastewater tank is an easy way to see the remarkable effect the machine has had on your stone or tile floor!

All our machines come with a fantastic aftercare service.  Right from purchasing your machine, to your first floor clean and beyond, our team are here to support and guide you answering any questions you may have when you need them most.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what some our customers have to say:

“Just to say I cleaned all the floors when we got home – the machine is excellent.  Did everything as you said, and the floor has come up a treat. So easy and it really has done a good job.”

“We have used the machine and it’s done a great job.  The deep clean lift lots of grubbiness from the floor regaining the colour and lifting the rooms atmosphere due to the reflected light from the floor”

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