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How To Clean Your Granite Floor (General Cleaning)

by | Nov 10, 2018 | 0 comments

Remove the clean water container from your machine and dilute 20ml of DETERGON R3 to 4 litres of hot tap water into it.

Replace the tank into the machine ensuring it is pushed firmly into place before securing.

Set the Squeegee to max suction position 1.

Press the pedal at the back to activate the machine.

Fully depress the water leaver and wash the floor in a forward direction only.

Top Tip: Ensure to let go of the water leaver approximately 3 feet before changing direction.

Repeat as required depending on the condition of the floor.

Dry any excess water with a clean Flat Mop.

If your floor is waxed use a neutral cleaner such as Detagon R3 to protect the wax for a longer period.