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How To Deep Clean Your Stone Floor

by | Nov 10, 2018 | 0 comments

  1. Dilute DEEPCLEAN into a solution of 25% DEEPCLEAN to 75% hot tap water. You could put this into a spray bottle, bucket or washing up bowl.
  2. Spread the solution evenly over the floor using a Flat Mop or the spray bottle.
  3. Remove the clean water container from your Kleanstone machine and fill with hot tap water. Replace the tank into the machine ensuring it is pushed firmly into place before securing.
  4. Set the squeegee to position 2 and press the pedal at the back to activate the machine.

Kara, KaraGO & Mediterranean Machines – Scrub the floor allowing plenty of water to flow out by fully depressing the metal leaver at the top of the handle.

Atlantic Machines – Scrub the floor allowing plenty of water to flow out by lifting the water release handle.

  1. Once you have covered the desired area move the leaver into position 1 for maximum suction. Travel in a forward direction only as you suck up the dirty water. Empty recovery tank water when necessary.
  2. Repeat if necessary. You can be sure that you have reached maximum clean if the water in the recovery tank remains clear.
  3. You will need to rinse the floor with clean water and repeat step 5 to ensure you have sucked up all the cleaning solution. You will know this is the case when the recovered water is bubble free. Alternatively, you can mix 100ml of FACADE 5 NEUTRALISER to 4 litres of water to neutralise the surface.

If you are planning on sealing the floor after cleaning, ensure to allow the floor to dry fully first.