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Is My Mop And Bucket Damaging My Stone Floor?

by | Jan 25, 2019 | 0 comments

Have you given your natural stone floors a good clean with a mop and bucket and are left wondering why you are still getting dirty socks? Or why your grout still looks dirty despite you having slaved away cleaning it? This might be one of those rare occasions where the worker can actually blame their tools.

Let’s look at what the mop and bucket will do to the floor, a little more closely.

The typical process for cleaning with a mop and bucket:

  • Adding the cleaning solution into the bucket
  • Submerging the mop in the solution
  • Squeezing out the water in the wringer
  • Mopping the floor
  • Repeating the last three steps.

Unfortunately, you find your cleaning solution starts to become dirtier and dirtier and you inevitably end up cleaning your stone floor with dirty water. It is because of this only around 40% of the dirt is removed when cleaning with a mop and bucket, as you end up ultimately spreading most of the dirt around the floor instead of removing it. Over time this will start to dull and even damage your stone floors due to scratching and abrasion.

The cleaning solution you are using could also be damaging your floor. Acid-based cleaners are usually best avoided on stone as they can chemically react with the elements of the stone as well as damage the seal. Washing with too much soap when using a mop and bucket could also leave a sticky residue across your floor which will, unfortunately, attract and trap any dirt. When choosing your natural stone floor cleaner, looking for one that offers a powerful clean but that is gentle enough to use every day.

Cleaning high traffic areas on stone floors can be quick tricky with a mop and bucket as you do need to wait a certain amount of time for the floor to dry, even if you attempt to remove most of the water with a Dry Mop. Those of us with small children and dogs will recall the pain of having just finished cleaning your floor only to have the dog come running through. Leaving muddy paw prints everywhere thanks to the damp floor attracting this mud. Despite how pleased they look with themselves, they certainly are not man’s best friend at that moment!

KleanSTONE Kara Floor Cleaning Machine - Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning - KleanSTONE


Is your grout starting to look grim?

This could be because as the mop passes over the grout the tile edges scrap the dirty water into the grout. Over time this breaks down below the surface of the grout discolouring it. Unfortunately, once it has penetrated the surface it can be very difficult to restore to its original glow.

Dirty Grout - Dirty Floor Grout - Grout Cleaing - KleanSTONE


Scrap your mop and bucket…

A KleanSTONE stone floor cleaning machine will loosen dirt using the powerful scrubbing brushes on the bottom and then suck it up using its amazing suction system. When you use a kleanSTONE machine you will literally lift the dirt from your floor instead of spreading it around. The machine not only lifts the dirt but our specialist stone floor cleaning solution works hard to remove grease and grime, lifting it from deep within the stone and giving your stone floors a new lease of life. The dirty water is sucked into the recess tank which means that unlike a mop and bucket it will not dirty your cleaning solution. This means that you will never be cleaning with dirty water, only fresh solution, allowing you to get the best possible clean.

Just check out some of our amazing floor transformation videos so you can really see the difference a KleanSTONE machine can make. It will bring your floor back to life, leaving it looking like a brand new floor again! Cleaning regularly with a KleanSTONE machine will ensure your floor not only stays looking like the day you installed it but also lasts much longer too.

So pop that mop and bucket away, shop our stone floor cleaning machines online and start to love your floors again.



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