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Pet Safe Floor Cleaner

by | Feb 4, 2019 | 1 comment

Pet Friendly Floor Cleaner

If you have a dog or a cat it can often be a challenge to keep your floors clean. The battle with muddy footprints is constant. As as a conscientious pet owner, you’ll be looking for a pet safe floor cleaner to give you peace of mind that your furry friends are safe without sacrificing having a clean home with beautiful, sparklingly clean floors.

Thankfully, many of our customers are in that exact situation. They are looking for a pet safe floor cleaner that is up to the task of tackling even the dirtiest of floors but that doesn’t harm your furry friend!


KleanSTONE, The Pet Safe Floor Cleaner - Pet Safe Floor Cleaning - KleanSTONE Floor Cleaners


KleanSTONE floor cleaning machines are pet safe and work in two powerful, ingenious ways. Firstly, KleanSTONE machines use a clean water reservoir to hold your floor cleaning solution to attack dirt and grime. We would recommend Detergon R3 a highly-concentrated, pH neutral and completely biodegradable hard floor cleaner that is used extensively in hospitals thanks to its deodourising, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antistatic properties. KleanSTONE machines then dispense the cleaning solution directly onto the floor.

The second way that KleanSTONE machines attack dirt and grime is with their two powerful rotary scrubbing brushes. These brushes use a high revolution rotary action to work the cleaning solution deep into the floor, breaking down even the hardest worn dirt from the surface and giving a new lease of life to very dirty floors and providing a fantastic everyday clean to floors that are cared for more often.


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Muddy Paw Prints On Your Stone Floor?

A large number of those we speak to have a very good question – “are the KleanSTONE machines suitable for everyday cleaning?”. They absolutely are. KleanSTONE pet safe floor cleaning machines are not just for renovating very dirty floors needing TLC. Despite offering powerful cleaning ability, our machines are still suitable for everyday floor cleaning and touch-ups. Pet owners are particularly challenged with muddy floors and our pet safe floor machines are fantastic at removing any kind of dirt and grime from stone floors.


KleanSTONE Pet Safe Floor Cleaning - Stone Floor Cleaning - Muddy Paw Prints Stone Floor - KleanSTONE



KleanSTONE, The Pet Safe Floor Cleaner

Gleaming floors inspire confidence and style in any setting, whether domestic or commercial. Here at KleanSTONE, we supply advanced floor cleaning solutions to help you achieve a spotlessly clean, perfectly finished floor without the elbow grease. Our stone floor cleaners tackle spills, stains and everyday grime with ease for a healthier, happier home or work environment.

Our products extend the lifespan of your flooring with powerful, effective cleaning that is gentle enough to use every day and perfect for floors in your home or business, inside and out.

Aside from offering a range of products for stone floor cleaning, we love to share our knowledge and experience from our years helping customers succeed at extending the lifespan of your floors. Read more on the KleanSTONE Blog, explore our Help & Guides or download our range of Cleaning Guides and learn more about how to care for your natural and engineered stone floors so that they last a lifetime!


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