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The Atlantic Heavy Duty Stone Floor Cleaning Machine



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Seriously heavy duty stone floor cleaning power!

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The Atlantic heavy duty stone floor cleaning machine. The Atlantic is the largest stone floor cleaning machine in our range, offering double the capacity of other models within the clean water and recovery tanks, therefore making it best suited to dealing with larger floor areas and the ideal choice for businesses.

With superior performance and a large profile, The Atlantic gives you powerful floor cleaning whilst being simple to use, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. The Atlantic’s rotary scrubbers deliver effective and uniform cleaning on any floor surface – leaving a gleaming floor with minimum time and effort.

This professional stone floor cleaning machine is exceptionally durable with large wheels so it can navigate over riven or rough surfaces easily and with minimal effort.

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The Atlantic Heavy Duty Stone Floor Cleaning Machine Specification

Dimensions (cm): 40w x 55l x 130h
Weight: 21.00Kg
Clean Water Tank Size: 8L
Used Water Tank Size: 3.5L
Chassis: Alloy / Stainless Steel
Motor: 240v / 640w

The Atlantic has a working capacity of 500m2/hour and a used water tank capacity of 50m2.

1 review for The Atlantic Heavy Duty Stone Floor Cleaning Machine

  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    We decided to go for the Atlantic KleanSTONE machine. Our floor is transformed, it took a few goes as the floor has been down for over 10 years and has never been properly cleaned but it is now back to its original colour and looks incredible.

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