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CTF-40 Natural Stone Floor Sealer




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CTF-40 is a solvent-based natural stone floor sealer which is also suitable for engineered stone surfaces. CTF-40 stone floor sealer deeply penetrates the surface of the stone, offering a high degree of stain protection by repelling oil and water-based liquids whilst retaining the stone’s porosity.

Specifically formulated for Marble, Granite, Natural Stones, Terracotta, Concrete, Limestone and Agglomerates, CTF-40 offers the best protection from oil, fats, coffee, fruit juice, wine and also helps to prevent the formation of limescale.

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How to Use

Apply CTF-40 to perfectly clean, dry, cold stone floor using a brush or low-pressure spray with a 0.5 mm. nozzle or airless spray gun at a distance of around 20 cm from the surface. Any excess CTF-40 can be removed using a clean white cloth moistened with the product itself or a brush equipped with a soft disk. We suggest a second coat of floor sealing 2-3 hours after the first coat.

You can read more about stone floor sealing in our Stone Floor Sealing Guide.

4 reviews for CTF-40 Natural Stone Floor Sealer

  1. Lauren (verified owner)

  2. Declan (verified owner)

    Expensive but works exactly how it should

  3. Hollie Riley (verified owner)

  4. Sam R. (verified owner)

    Not used it before but will certainly use again.

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