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DEEPCLEAN Stone Floor Cleaner – 5 Litre

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DEEPCLEAN is our powerful alkaline stone floor cleaner used to remove even the most deeply embedded grease, dirt and grime from natural stone floors. DEEPCLEAN is most effective on very heavily soiled surfaces when diluted to a 1-10 solution and applied directly to the floor whilst also incredibly effective as an everyday stone floor maintenance cleaner when further diluted to 1-200.

DEEPCLEAN has been specially formulated by KleanSTONE and is approved for use inside the tank of our stone floor cleaning machines.

7 reviews for DEEPCLEAN Stone Floor Cleaner - 5 Litre

  1. DBray (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, used neat and sprayed on it literally lifts years of grime from my riven sandstone flooring.

  2. Mrs. Trudy Duffy (verified owner)

    The perfect cleaner for my limestone floors.

  3. MOrgan (verified owner)

  4. Mrs. Marsh (verified owner)

    Works great inside the kara machine

  5. Imogen Lees (verified owner)

  6. Leon Marsh (verified owner)

    it’s great. you don’t have to use a lot and it works really well

  7. Jessica Bryan (verified owner)

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