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Outdoor Cleaning: Revitalise Your Outdoor Spaces
With Our Advanced Floor Cleaning Machines

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Patio Cleaning Machines

Outdoor spaces such as swimming pool areas and patios can be an essential part of a home, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and socialising. However, maintaining these areas can be challenging, particularly when it comes to keeping the floors clean and presentable. Outdoor cleaning is where our advanced floor cleaning machines, the Kara and the KaraGo, come into play, making outdoor floor maintenance easy, efficient, and effective.

Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Kleanstone’s Kara and KaraGo however have twin counter-rotating brushes. In addition to this, these professional floor cleaning machines also have the ability to clean and dry. Further options allow a cleaning and scrubbing mode only or this action combined with a powerful vacuum. It’s no wonder that these machines are deemed the best in their category.

When it comes to dealing with external surfaces and the elements they endure, you’ll understand that flooring of this nature needs a professional approach – and touch. Whether you’ve done any homework or not on patio or pool area cleaning, the key is a rotary cleaner. You may recognise the classic patio cleaner head on the left, these clean by spinning and hovering over the surface, a bit like a floor polishing buffing machine.

Versatility Redefined with a Kleanstone Floor Cleaning Machine

The first thing to understand is the sheer diversity of the tasks these machines are capable of handling. Be it a scummy pool deck that’s been accumulating grime and algae over the years, or a patio that’s seen one too many barbecue parties, the Kara and the KaraGo floor cleaning machines not only excel at cleaning outdoor surfaces such as your swimming pool decks, patios, and outdoor terraces, but are also designed to be used for maintaining your indoor flooring too.

The Kara Stone Floor Cleaning Machine is a robust and effective solution for cleaning large outdoor areas. It combines rotary cleaning and pressurized water jets to deliver an intensive deep clean for all types of stone flooring.

With the power to eliminate ingrained dirt from surfaces, the Kara floor scrubber machine outshines its competitors at removing the most stubborn dirt and grime. However, whilst powerful, what truly sets it apart is its gentle touch on natural stone surfaces. This carefully thought-out and design-led cleaning machine has been devised to restore the natural beauty of your stone floors without causing any damage or wear. With the Kara, your floor is not just clean; it’s revitalised, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any floor, inside and out.

Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

Then we have the KaraGo Cordless Stone Floor Cleaning Machine, a revolutionary cleaning solution for those seeking portability and freedom from power cords.

This battery-powered powerhouse provides the same thorough cleaning as the Kara but adds the convenience of cordless operation.

The KaraGo is designed to handle tougher outdoor cleaning tasks with ease. Its battery life is impressive, delivering up to three hours of run-time on a single charge. This makes it an ideal tool for cleaning the aforementioned large outdoor pool areas, patios, and outdoor terraces.

Despite its powerful performance, the KaraGo operates silently, causing no disturbance to your peaceful outdoor environment.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Machines

Kleanstone machines also come with a range of brushes and pads, allowing you to customize your cleaning process according to your specific needs. From gentle cleaning for delicate stone surfaces to tough action on resilient dirt, these machines adapt to your cleaning requirements with ease.

An additional benefit of using Kleanstone machines is their eco-friendliness. Both the Kara and the KaraGo significantly reduce water consumption compared to traditional cleaning methods. Furthermore, they don’t require harsh chemicals to deliver a deep clean, making them safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

Quality and Assurance as Standard

Armed with one of these advanced hard floor cleaning machines, your outdoor space maintenance becomes a less daunting task. Not only do they provide a deep clean, but they also help preserve the natural beauty and longevity of your stone floors.

As a leader in the field of floor cleaning machines, we only select innovative high-quality products, meaning that the Kara and KaraGo floor cleaning machines can be regarded as a worthy long-term investment for any discerning homeowner. When backed up by our excellent customer service, you can buy with confidence.  We are so confident about the durability and performance of our floor cleaning machines; we provide a 3 year warranty for the motor and 12 months for the belts.

To save you time and worry, we offer the option of supplying them ready-assembled, delivered right to your door.

Along with your machine why not take advantage of our ‘How To’ guides such as ‘How To Clean A Patio‘ or other interesting reads from within our library of literature which are available to view online or as a download.

A Satisfying Conclusion and Your Next Step

In conclusion, the maintenance of your outdoor spaces like patios and swimming pools is as crucial as the interior of your home. With the versatility of our advanced floor cleaning machines, you can now enjoy pristine and inviting outdoor and indoor areas, enhancing your overall home experience. So why wait? Contact us so that you can start to give your patios and pool areas the care they deserve.

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