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‘Klean Up Your Act’ With Spring Cleaning Savings This May!

by | May 10, 2019 | 0 comments

‘Klean Up Your Act’ With Spring Cleaning Savings This May!

Take advantage of our amazing offer on our KleanSTONE machines.

With two Bank Holiday weekends this month, it is prime time to think about spring cleaning your home. To celebrate the cleaning frenzy we are launching an amazing deal on any machine you buy from us. That’s right, with every machine sold this May, you will receive a FREE bottle of Deepclean & Detergon R3!

These two powerful cleaners will give you a fantastic combined saving of £69.12 when you buy your machine, which means you will have everything you need to bring your floors back to life.


KleanSTONE May Special Offer


Detergon R3 is a highly concentrated pH neutral solution, which means it is safe to use on all types of stone and a little goes a long way. This everyday universal detergent has quickly become a household favourite thanks to its amazing cleaning power, whilst remaining safe for both pets and children. Detergon R3 is highly concentrated, so your really only need to dilute a small amount into your KleanSTONE machines water tank for powerful cleaning performance and in order to achieve a fantastic clean, meaning this free 1-litre bottle should last you a long time. You can read more about our top-selling cleaner in our post: KleanSTONE, The Pet Safe Floor Cleaner.


KleanSTONE Kara Floor Cleaning Machine - Quarry Tile Floor Cleaning - KleanSTONE


Deepclean is our powerful alkaline stone floor cleaner used to remove even the most deeply embedded grease, dirt and grime from natural stone floors. This cleaner is fantastic for that first clean with your KleanSTONE machine, to bring your floor back to life. In this offer, you will receive a full 5-litre bottle of Deepclean, which should last you for multiple cleans thanks to the recommend 1/10 diluting ratio. As it’s alkaline, it’s perfectly suited for delicate stones such as marble and limestone that are easily etched and damaged by strongly acidic solutions.

By now, you’ll hopefully understand a little bit about our KleanSTONE floor cleaning machines but, if not, let’s take a closer look.


The Kara Stone Floor Cleaning Machine

Compact and easy to use and transport, The Kara stone floor cleaning machine is our most popular and economical solution for daily stone floor cleaning, polishing and buffing.

Offering the performance level of larger, commercial stone floor cleaning machines, The Kara’s rotary power of two scrubbing brushes and powerful suction leaves floors, grout joints (even dips and hollows in the floor) clean, dry and ready for immediate use.

The Kara features innovative splash skirts which prevent water splashing skirting boards or furniture. This expert stone floor cleaner is an exceptionally durable machine with large wheels so it can navigate over riven or rough surfaces easily and with minimal effort.


The Atlantic Heavy-Duty Stone Floor Cleaning Machine

The Atlantic heavy duty stone floor cleaning machine. The Atlantic is the largest stone floor cleaning machine in our range, offering double the capacity of other models within the clean water and recovery tanks, therefore making it best suited to dealing with larger floor areas and the ideal choice for businesses.

With superior performance and a large profile, The Atlantic gives you powerful floor cleaning whilst being simple to use, versatile and easy to manoeuvre. The Atlantic’s rotary scrubbers deliver effective and uniform cleaning on any floor surface – leaving a gleaming floor with minimum time and effort.

This professional stone floor cleaning machine is exceptionally durable with large wheels so it can navigate over riven or rough surfaces easily and with minimal effort.


To take advantage of this amazing spring cleaning offer, simply purchase any of our KleanSTONE machines this may and we will dispatch it to you with your free gifts of both DetergonR3 and Deepclean. No need to add these products to your basket as they will be automatically added by our dispatch team.



Spring Cleaning with KleanSTONE…

A gleaming external stone floor inspires confidence and style in any setting, whether domestic or commercial. Here at KleanSTONE, we supply advanced floor cleaning solutions to help you achieve a spotlessly clean, perfectly finished floor without the elbow grease. Our stone floor cleaners tackle spills, stains and everyday grime with ease for a healthier, happier home or work environment.

Our products extend the lifespan of your flooring with powerful, effective cleaning that is gentle enough to use every day and perfect for floors in your home or business, inside and out.

Aside from offering a range of products for stone floor cleaning, we love to share our knowledge and experience from our years helping customers succeed at extending the lifespan of your floors. Read more on the KleanSTONE Blog, explore our Help & Guides or download our range of Cleaning Guides and learn more about how to care for your natural and engineered stone floors so that they last a lifetime!


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