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A Guide To Terracotta Flooring

by | Jan 29, 2019 | 0 comments

What is Terracotta?

Before we start talking about terracotta flooring, let’s first answer the question of ‘what is terracotta?’ Terracotta means baked earth in Italian and is essentially just that.

It is refined mud that is shaped whilst wet, dried and then hardened in a kiln. It is the oldest type of ceramic in the world, which is why it features prominently throughout our history. So before we jump straight into terracotta floor tiles, let’s take a little look at the history of terracotta.

The History of Terracotta

Terracotta has essentially worked its way from the top down in terms of our houses. Having started off in ancient history as a favoured roof tile. Knowing what we know now about the porosity of the stone we can only imagine that it might not have done a great job of keeping out the rain. However, at the time, it was a revelation!

Moving down the timeline and further into our homes, terracotta played a huge part in ceramics. Often used as plates, jugs and sculptures. One of the most famous uses of terracotta in history has to be the renowned ‘Terracotta Army’.

The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, employed ceramic art experts to create an entire army out of terracotta to guard him in the afterlife at his final resting place. It has been said his mausoleum was guarded by 8,000 life-sized soldiers. These, however, are no longer guarding the Emperor and now stand on display in Xian.

Terracotta in the Modern World

Fast forward to the modern world and terracotta is now more commonly found under our feet. Terracotta tiles are more commonly associated with the Mediterranean home in warmer climates but with the rustic look gaining favour in Britain, we are seeing a lot more over this way too.

Terracotta floor tiles give any room a warm and welcoming feel. Its beautiful red earthy hues (thanks to the iron in the clay) and rough texture bring a naturally rustic and tactile feel to the home. It is because of this you will often find them in entrance porches and living rooms.

Due to its porosity, terracotta floor tiles require frequent sealing to avoid moisture and stains seeping into the stone and causing mould. Glazed terracotta floor tiles are a solution to the porosity of the stone and provide a glass-like layer which protects the stone from stains. Unfortunately, this also has a dulling effect on the tile, which takes away some of its natural rustic charms.

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Natural vs Machine Cut Terracotta Flooring Tiles

There are two methods of creating terracotta tiles and they can either be made by hand or machine cut. Each method has it’s pro’s and cons and here are just a few of the differences.

Naturally Cut Terracotta Tiles

  • Each terracotta tile is unique with subtle differences seen in each example
  • The edges of the terracotta tiles are often uneven
  • Installation can harder due to their uneven profile
  • The uniqueness of terracotta tiles gives it more of a rustic feel
  • The process is much more expensive

Machine Cut Terracotta Tiles

  • Each tile is made with uniform precision meaning they are all the same
  • The lines cut are straight
  • They are easy to lay because of their uniformity
  • The uniformity can make terracotta tiles lose some of its natural charms
  • The process is much cheaper than hand-crafting


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Terracotta Tile Cleaner

Despite their low porosity, terracotta tiles are hard wearing and easy to clean thanks to our fantastic KleanSTONE stone floor cleaning machines. So, as long as you care for your natural terracotta tiles with the right natural stone floor sealers, there is no better reason to have these fantastic terracotta tiles, which are steeped in history, throughout your home.

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