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The Microfibre Mop – The floor cleaning secret weapon.

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The Microfibre Mop is quickly becoming a staple in most households thanks to its ease of use and fantastic cleaning power. So, we at KleanSTONE thought it was time to shine a spotlight of this simple but effective cleaning solution and look at how a KleanSTONE machine and mop can be used in partnership to keep your floors sparkling every day.




Microfibre Technology

Microfibre essentially means that it contains a thread finer than 1 Decitex. Just to put that into context lets look at how that measures up to other common materials.

Microfibre0.20 dtx
Silk1.17 dtx
Cotton3.2 dtx
wool26 dtx


The microfibre surface is also much greater than other fabrics, which gives it a much greater contact for dust absorption. This means they can gather more dust and dirt than any other material!

If you are dry mopping then the friction you cause when you run your microfibre mop over the floor surface then it generates an electrostatic charge. This means dirt such as hair, lint and dust are attracted to the mop which makes for an effortless clean.

If you are using the mop to dry a wet floor, or even as a wet mop the air chambers and small pores in the microfibre allow for a greater water absorption known as the capillary effect.




Microfibre Mops

Microfibres are so light, which makes microfibre mops really lightweight too. They simply glide around your stone floor with little effort from the user. Easy to set up, microfibre mops usually come with the ability to remove the microfibre mop for cleaning, simply pop in the washing machine and reattach. The KleanSTONE microfibre flat floor mop is no exception, this means your mop stays as clean and effective as the day you bought it.

The flat mop is perfect for getting into those hard to clean corners too, thanks to its rectangular design. Use either wet or dry, the microfibre mop is an excellent bit of kit you can’t afford to be without.


microfibre mop cleaning-kleanstone-stone-floor


KleanSTONE Machines and Microfibre Mops Working Together

KleanSTONE machines and microfibre mops work perfectly together.  If you have looked through our how to use guides, then you will have noticed that we always recommend finishing a KleanSTONE clean with our Microfibre mop. This is because although KleanSTONE machines suck up the water there can often be small spots of water left behind, and the mop is great for mopping these up, leaving you with a dry and shining floor. Left-over water on your floor would only serve to re-attract and spread dirt again, so it is always really important to ensure your floors are clean and dry.

The Microfibre is also great to use in-between KleanSTONE floor cleans to keep on top of the everyday dirt. We recommend diluting Detergon into a handy spray bottle and using a spray and mop approach for maximum clean. If you have pets in the home, it is also recommended to go around your floors with the dry microfibre mop before you use the KleanSTONE machine to remove the pet hair. This will help to ensure pet hairs do not clog up your KleanSTONE machine’s filter. It is super easy to clean the filter; however, this does allow for one less job for you mid clean.


Our microfibre mops are in-stock and available to order online today, so don’t just take our word for it. Order your very own floor cleaning secret weapon today and become the master of clean floors!




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