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Which Floor Cleaning Machine? 3 Of The Best

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A Clear Concise Range

As with any purchase, when you’re buying a floor cleaning machine and we appreciate the stresses and typical headaches of research, types, brands, specification, etc. It’s easy to get flummoxed over the specification of a product, with meaningless terminology listed and not the crux of what we really want, no doubt it is all meaningful and that’s great – if only we understood the jargon! When faced with such a broad range of floor cleaning options, all with their own pros and cons, you may well be thinking “Where do I start”.

Whether you have already taken the time to look around at the different options on the market and arrived on our website or, if you have come straight to us. Firstly we welcome you to our site and also welcome you to carry on with your research to discover the best tile floor cleaner machine, or, we can give you (in layman’s terms) a clear brief overview from our concise range of three professional natural stone floor cleaning machines for the home.

That’s right, just 3 machines.

Kleansrone are all about finding the perfect solution for you and your needs, as well as providing machines that clean tile floors. You’ll be pleased to know, as far as our role in this goes, we have done the research and arrived at, what we believe to be, a condensed range of floor cleaner machines that are not only efficient for any environment, but excel in their own specific area of intended use. The following characteristics of our machines are why we can confidently offer you not just any tile floor scrubber, but the best tile floor cleaner machine.

Handmade In Italy

Travertine Colosseum - Rome Colosseum - KleanSTONE TravetineFloor Cleaner

Ensuring that you receive nothing but quality with your purchase, our machines are not mass-produced or put together on a production line. Instead, each and every Kleanstone machine is put together by hand using fine Italian craftsmanship. Ensuring the highest of standards, the individual care and consideration that goes into each and every Kleanstone machine, we feel is unique to us within our industry.

Twin Heavy Duty Scrubbing Brushes Instead Of Rollers

Many floor scrubbers on the market have rollers which do the cleaning. These are OK to a certain degree – on particular floors. However, it is key to note that a roller will only clean a surface on one level. Usually present in any natural stone honed textured floor, including yours if you look closely, will be an unevenness caused by natural small indentations in the stone.

KleanSTONE Stone Floor Transformation Before-After 9 - KleanSTONE Floor Cleaning

This is one of the many features that make a natural stone floor so aesthetically pleasing. So, back the the roller v brush, the roller will skim the surface only, missing all and any natural hollow and therefore does not have the ability to clean the whole floor. It will also miss the grout in between your floor tiles, as it is usually lower down than the tile.

hard floor cleaner machine

The Kleanstone machines have two rotating scrubbing brushes which allow the bristles to get into every single nook and cranny of your stone floor and in-between. This will give you the same scrubbing power that you would get on your hands and knees scrubbing at the tiles by hand but with a fraction of the effort required. Now that is great – sunshine with a smile!

floor scrubber brush

Powerful Suction

So, your floor has been scrubbed to perfection, what happens to all the suds and dirty water? Just pop your machine into the suction mode and suck up all that water. Using a machine without suction would be a pretty pointless affair, as you are simply moving the dirt around your floor. The powerful suction of a Kleanstone machine will completely remove the dirt into the wastewater tank, simply empty that and all the dirt is gone!

Best stone floor cleaning machineTwin Tank Technology For Superior Cleaning

However, powerful suction is not all! Many machines house one water tank in which the water is reused within the cycle, so clean water down, dirty water sucked up into the same tank and (effectively dirty water) put down again. All our machines feature twin tank technology.

Each Kleanstone machine has been thoughtfully designed with two tanks. Tank 1 holds clean water and tank 2 the ‘processed’ dirty water off your floor. All that ‘hits’ your floor to aid cleaning, is a constant supply of clean water – sheer brilliance!


Cleaning Stone Floors

From small floor scrubbing machines to large hard floor cleaning machines, commercial floor cleaner or domestic floor scrubber? Whether you are cleaning slate or need a limestone cleaner with help on how to restore limestone floor tiles, or perhaps you need to know how to clean a slate hearth? As well as supplying the hard floor cleaning machine, our stone floor cleaners are complimented by our range of natural stone floor cleaning products. So if you’re needing a stone floor sealer or a specific type like slate cleaner and sealer, the best limestone cleaner or a guide on how to clean uneven stone floors, the product range and resource centre at Kleanstone means you can find all you’ll ever need when it comes to caring for and cleaning stone. How Do I Clean My Natural Stone Floor? – Relax! We’ve got it covered.

Our Exceptional Aftercare Service Comes As Standard

Every Kleanstone machine comes with amazing and individual aftercare service. Our machines may be made in Italy, but our warehouse, sales and aftercare team reside in sunny Yorkshire and they are ready to take your call. In the unlikely occurrence that something has gone wrong with your machine, or you just need a little extra help or advice you will be greeted by a friendly voice dedicated to finding a solution for you.

Our “customer service is second to none” which retains our customers confidence every day. Not sure? Well, don’t take our word for it, or that of our customers, find out for yourself by picking up the phone and enjoy ‘The Kleanstone Experience’ for yourself!

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